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Thermal films.

Film is successfully used for packing on any types of equipment, as the cheapest film of packing in an irretrievable container.


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             Thermal film is a popular method of packing of the most different products and wares. Thermal film is used for packing of various food, jars, bottles, haberdashery and economic wares, newspapers, magazines, office and build commodities and other stuffs.

             To advantages of packing which thermal film is utillized for, a small volume, little mass and cheapness, take. Thermal film perfectly protects the packed wares from mechanical influences and from the unfavorable factors of environment.

             Thermal film is produced from  a polyethylene high pressure top grade, with the coefficient of diminishing at will of customer. The temperature of diminishing can be varied from 120 to 200 degrees Celsius.


Thickness of film: from 30 µ to 200 µ

Possible sizes of sleeves: from 250 mm to 3 000 mm.

Execution: sleeve, semi sleeve, linen.


Polimer Pak Ltd.

Ukrainian producer of polymeric films

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